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Download watched app. Learn how to add url bundle on all your devices: Android phones, iPhone or iPad with iOS, PC windows 10/8.1/7 or Mac OS laptop, Amazon Fire Stick, TV box, Roku or Chromecast. ↓ ↓

Dowload watched App free

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Watched bundle url:

How to add bundle url in watched apk

Install bundle in watched: Android & iPhone

After installing the app you have to type the bundle url: and then click on the «BROWSE» button. Then wait a moment and it will load all the content of the application in cinema and tv channels.

watched url
watched app

This is all you need to do to activate the watched app and start watching free TV channels and hundreds of movies and series, as you can see below in the screenshots. Remember that this process is done on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.

watched für pc app
watched 0.18.0

watched alternative

Below we recommend the best alternatives to watched, similar and equal apps to install on our devices. 

TV Express | Showbox | Rokkr | Fútbol Libre TV | Mega TV | Play TV | Pantaya | CineCalidad | Newplay | Miradetodo

watched tv app

download watched

Here you can download watched tv in its latest version for Apple Android and iOS mobiles, Linux, PC windows, tv box, chromecast, roku, amazon firestick.

Watched for TV Box

This app watched can be used on all tv boxes (tv box), just download it and install it, the method is the same as on an Android mobile phone.

Watched tv for iPhone iOS

Now you can install the watchedtv app on ios from the appstore, just download and install the application from the shop and you are ready to go.

Watched tv app

All versions of amazon firestick, fire tv 4k, fire cube and fire stick... on each of them you can install watched as they have Android.

Watched for Smart TV

If you have a smart tv with Android TV system you can install this app without any problem, you can do it adapting a tv box or an amazon fire stick.

Watched for PC y Mac

Watched 100% compatible with windows pc 10, windows 8, windows 7 and mac OS laptops such as iMac or macbook pro 32 or 64 bit.

Watched for Fire Stick

All versions of amazon firestick, fire tv 4k, fire cube and fire stick... in each of them you can install watched tv since they have Android.

Watched for Chromecast

Now streaming and connecting the watched app on chromecast is very easy, you just need to be connected to the same wifi network and that's it.

watched 0.18.0


watched bundle

Watched bundle url liste 2021: Now you must add the key or code when you open the application for the first time, with this you will have access to all the content in movies, anime, TV channels, series, etc.

watched premium apk

You want to download watched premium app to have the content unblocked, here we are sorry to tell you that we do not have this version. The free version is more than enough to watch without having problems with advertising.

watched tv app

Frequently asked questions about watched tv

If you have a problem with the app and the bundle url doesn’t work, the channels don’t play or the movies don’t load, you have to check on this website that they are correctly updated and well written. You should always go to the website to copy the liste.

It is very easy to update the app watched, you can go directly to the Play Store (for Android) and see if there is a new version to update. In the case of Apple, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you should go to the Appstore to see if there is a new version of watched tv 1.6.1 latest version

The process is very easy, first you must copy the url liste bundle that are above at the beginning of this website, after copying you must place it in the application, as indicated in the tutorials.

Now you can install this watchedtv app on a smart tv in many ways and these are some of them:

  • Install the app on a tv box.
  • Install the apk on a fire stick.
  • Stream watched with a chromecast.

It is a multimedia player through which we can watch live tv channels, movies and series with the help of the internet. This app can be installed on all compatible devices, we are talking about pc windows, smart tv, iphone, mobile phones, computer, tablet, laptop, notebook, ios, fire stick, tv box, chromecast, roku, etc.

Of course, you can watch sports channels, especially those from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., as this app focuses on sharing a list of channels and movies.

watched download

watched apk

The best thing about watched is that it works on many operating systems and one of the most popular is Android, so below you have the direct link to download watched apk premium or mod / cracked to watch all the films and tv channels online live and hd that it has.

watched 0.18.0

Here you will find the latest version of watched tv to install on Android mobile, Tablet, PC, Linux, Apple TV and iOS.

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watched bundle

With the key you have access to activate the application on all your devices. New url list 2021

watched tv app

Discover the new playlist iptv watched tv with live tv channels online and with good hd programming.

watched premium

If you want to download or have a premium watched account, you must purchase a monthly or yearly plan from the official website.