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Download rokkr apk. Learn how to add bundle url on all your devices: Android mobile, TV box, iPhone or iPad with iOS, PC windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7 or on Mac OS laptop ↓ Amazon Fire Stick, Roku or Chromecast ↓

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How to add bundle url in rokkr

Install list in rokkr App

The first step after installing the application is to type either of the two bundles: or and then click on «Browe«. Once the list is finished, all the contents of the app, TV channels, movies, series and anime will be loaded.

rokkr url bundle
rokrr app

After adding the bundle you will have access to all the content of the app, you can watch free live tv channels, hundreds of movies, tv series, anime and much more. Below are some screenshots of the app interface.

rokkr apk
rokkr download

alternatives a rokkr

Here you have the two best alternatives to rokkr to watch tv channels on iphone, android, pc, smart tv, etc. Apps similar to rokkr with which you will have free streaming content and in the best possible quality, below the same apps.

rokkr app legal

Download Rokkr

Download the latest version of rokkr 1.6.1 for Android and any other operating system, it's a full version for movie and TV lovers.

Rokkr for TV Box

The tv boxes are devices that work with the Android system, so compatibility with this app works like a charm.

Rokkr for Phone iOS

It is possible to install rokkr on iphone as it is available in the Appstore, it works with ios 12, ios 13 and ios 14, including iPad.

Rokkr legal

Ist rokkr illegal: You may be wondering if it is a legal or illegal app, because this app is official and works simply and quickly on free devices.I

Rokkr for Smart TV

This app can be installed on all TV sets, as long as they have an Android system, or via tv box, firestick or chromecast.

Rokkr for PC y Mac

You can now install rokkr on windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 and macOS laptops such as iMac or macbook pro 32 bit or 64 bit.

Rokkr for Fire Stick

The amazon firestick, fire tv 4k, fire cube and fire stick are compatible with this app, you can do the installation with the help of the app downloader.

Rokkr for Chromecast

Now streaming the rokrr app to the chromecast from the mobile is very easy as we only need to be connected to the same wifi network and that's it.


rokkr app

rokkr url

To unlock the rokkr application you have two bundles and any of them you can add: & so you have the apk ready to watch movies and series.

rokkr bundle

The key or access code to rokkr is and placing this password we will have total access to all the films, remember to write correctly this url list and not to have error when entering.

rokkr bundle

Frequently asked questions about rokkr

We recommend that you check that you have written the bundle correctly and also check your internet connection as you may not be connected and therefore the application is not loading. Remember that we have two bundles, if one doesn’t work you can use the other one.

It is very easy to update the app, you can do it by downloading the app from this website or from the official shops: play store for android and appstore for iphone. For windows, linux and mac, you can download the exe program from here.

it’s very easy as you just have to write the list url or also known as bundle in the home screen the first time you open the app, above we explain how to do it.

You can install the app on a smart tv with android system, but if you don’t have one you can do it with a tv box or an amazon firestick, also you can connect and stream with a google chromecast.

It is a multimedia streaming app that shares many movies, series, anime and TV channels for free for different operating systems. You can use it on android mobiles and tablets, iphone, ipad, tv box, fire stick, chromecast, smart tv, pc windows, laptop mac, nox player emulators, roku, etc.

Many people wonder if it is legal or illegal rokkr app, but to all of them we tell them that this app is legal if it is used as a tool for education purposes, like watching documentaries, but if you have any problem we recommend you to use a vpn.

rokkr pc windows

rokkr apk

This app is downloaded by many users from Android mobiles like: samsung, huawei, xiaomi, alcatel, lanix, sony xperia, moto g, htc, zte, with android versions: lollipop, kitkat, nougat, marshmallow, pie, oreo, in all of them it works.

Below you have the latest version of rokrr 1.6.1 to use on your android mobile devices this 2021.

rokkr app

Compatible with ios, android, linux, mac os, windows, web os, tizen, etc.

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rokkr url

The url list is always updated so you can use it from anywhere, anytime.

rokkr bundle

Use either of the 2 bundles to activate the app and watch TV channels, films and series.

rokkr auf fire tv

Now compatible with amazon fire stick and fire tv cube 4k, you can install this app.